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Peabody Auditorium Foundation Brings Stage Performance to Ormond Elementary!

Daytona Beach, FL – The Peabody Auditorium Foundation (PAF), in partnership with Volusia County Schools, brought a show by the Atlantic Coast Theatre for Youth (ACT) to Ormond Elementary’s historic stage on October 8. “Florida Treasures” educated and entertained 2nd-5th grade students, as well as teachers and board members from the Peabody Auditorium Foundation, about our state’s storied history.

In the second week of touring over 18 Volusia County elementary and middle schools, the live performance component of the PAF’s Youth+Art=Success! outreach program is in full swing. Performances across the schools include the Ponce de Leon-centric “Florida Treasures” and “The Time Machine,” an adaptation of the H.G. Wells classic - each performed by ACT. In addition, the students are treated to “The Fairy Tales of Grimm,” a classical 19th Century theatrical melodrama, and the classic Brothers Grimm story “The Elves and the Shoemaker.”

“The new In-School Touring and Scholarship program is the culmination of months of research and discussion amongst our board, theatrical companies, and our esteemed local educators, led by retired and revered Volusia County Schools Principal and PAF Board Member, Dr. Maryann Bull,” stated Rene Bell Adams, the Board’s President. “Dr. Bull and our Executive Director, Kathy Berman, led the charge on this initiative and were essential to this amazing pivot we were able to make in the wake of the pandemic when we were unable to host fundraising events, much less invite students to participate. ”The PAF’s Youth+Art=Success In-School Touring Program is for students of all ages, and the components of that and the scholarship opportunities break down within the different grade levels as follows:

Elementary and Middle Schools:
Beginning in fall 2021, PAF will offer free in-school cultural programs at 14 VCS elementary schools and 4 VCS middle schools.

High Schools:
1)Beginning in 2022, PAF will underwrite the cost of providing selected VCS high school students with a live cultural experience. 4 High schools will be selected annually and provided with complimentary tickets to attend a professional theatrical performance at the historic Peabody Auditorium.
2)Beginning in 2022, PAF’s Arts & Culture Scholarship Program will award 10 merit-based college scholarships annually to high school seniors who plan to pursue a cultural education in an arts field. One scholarship will be awarded at each of VCS’ 10 high schools. Organizations such as TD Charitable Foundation and Wal-Mart Community Grant Program, as well as private donors Mr. and Mrs. J. Hyatt Brown are contributors to the program. “We are so thankful for the generous donations we’ve received thus far and look forward to bringing more and more in-school opportunities to the students in our community,” stated Kathy Berman, Executive Director of the Peabody Auditorium Foundation. “It is our hope that this program will continue to grow and grow, so as many students and schools as possible will benefit.” Go to peabodyauditoriumfoundation.org to donate.

The Peabody Auditorium Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to advocate for arts and culture within our community, provide arts-related educational opportunities for underserved populations, and support the Peabody Auditorium’s efforts to provide enrichment through the performing arts.

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