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As the crown jewel of Daytona’s Entertainment District, the Peabody Auditorium's mission is to play a vital role in the arts in Central Florida, to provide diverse cultural activities accessible to all, and to improve the quality of life of our citizens by serving as a partner to social and economic development, rejuvenating neighborhoods, supporting local businesses, promoting education and voluntarism, and establishing and sustaining an inviting gathering place for citizens to celebrate a shared human and cultural experience. The Peabody Auditorium Foundation’s goal is to proudly support these endeavors with a dedication to the arts and to our community.


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Peabody Auditorium Foundation Brings Stage Performance to Ormond Elementary!

The Peabody Auditorium Foundation (PAF), in partnership with Volusia County Schools, brought a show by the Atlantic Coast Theatre for Youth (ACT) to Ormond Elementary’s historic stage on October 8. “Florida Treasures” educated and entertained 2nd-5th grade students, as well as teachers and board members from the Peabody Auditorium Foundation, about our state’s storied history.

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