A Richer Quality Of Life For All

 In 2014, the Peabody Auditorium Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, was established. The Foundation operates as a partner, but independently, of the City of Daytona Beach owned and operated Peabody Auditorium. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Peabody Auditorium Foundation is to advocate for arts and culture within our community, provide arts-related educational opportunities for underserved populations, and support the Peabody Auditorium’s efforts to provide enrichment through the performing arts.

Vision Statement

The Peabody Auditorium Foundation is the premier advocate for arts and cultural education within our community.


The Peabody Foundation believes that arts and cultural experiences are essential to our community. They fulfill the belief in the power of arts to forge vibrant, diverse communities; improve educational opportunities; stimulate economic development; and provide a richer quality of life for all.

Meet the Board of Directors

  • Officers
    Rene Bell Adams, President
    Owner, RBA Advertising

    James E. Weite, Vice President & Treasurer
    Retired, Vice President, TD Bank

    Jenna Pender, Secretary
    Teacher, Florida Virtual School

  • Directors

       Lloyd Bowers, Esq., President Emeritus, Partner, Wickersham & Bowers

       Dr. Maryann Bull, Retired Volusia County School Principal & Administrator

       Mary McDermott, Senior Dir. Finance & Operations, Brown & Brown Insurance

       Rebecca Railsback, Mental Health Counselor

       Michael J. Strauss, Captain, JetBlue Airways

       Darlynn Tacinelli, Owner, The Hello Darlynn Company

       R. John Vagovic, MD, Daytona Beach Women's Center

       Robert Voges, Principal, Holly Hill School

  • Financial Counsel
    Ellen G. Spradley, CPA, Lombardo Spradley & Klein

  • Staff
    Kathy Berman, Executive Director
    kberman@peabodyfoundation.org – 386-631-1974
    PO Box 10104, Daytona Beach, FL 32120-0104

Board Values

Our core values are quality, integrity and accountability.

  • Quality, in that we strive for excellence in all that we do.
  • Integrity, in that we will be transparent in what we do, and we will conduct ourselves ethically, responsibly, and honestly at all times.
  • Accountability, in that we accept the responsibility for our collective actions as the Foundation Board.

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